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Bloomberg to Provide Bitcoin Pricing and Charts to Its Subscribers


Bloomberg recognizes the growing interest in virtual currencies by investors and market participants around the world, and plans to provide Bitcoin pricing and charts to over 320,000 subscribers of its Bloomberg Professional service...


Every MIT student set to get $100 in bitcoin from Wall Street donor

Bitcoin Coin

The giveaway is intended to promote a bitcoin ecosystem across campus when students return in the autumn. The project is being led by Jeremy Rubin, 19, an undergraduate, and Daniel Elitzer, an MBA student at MIT's Sloan School of Management...


Bitcoin Insights

Bitcoin in the UK: is it gaining popularity and where can you spend it?


From having a pint to hiring a private jet, there are options for spending your hard earned Bitcoins in the UK – but are the big brands ready to play ball? Global Bitcoin transactions have increased more than tenfold over the past year...


Japan’s Finance Ministry and U.S. Attorney Office Investigating Bitcoin Exchanges


Japan's Finance Ministry and police are reportedly investigating the sudden closure of Mt. Gox, while the Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has initiated a probe and has sent subpoenas to Bitcoin exchanges and businesses...


Bitcoin Outlook

Bitcoin goes national with Scotcoin and Auroracoin


Are hyper-national currencies the future of the bitcoin movement? A brand new generation of cryptocurrencies are focusing on the opposite goal: creating new local-based national money as an attempt to solve problems specific to a single country...


Bitcoin endorsed by Wall Street strategist

Wall St.

Bank of America has recommended a $1,300 price target for the digital currency, and described its "clear potential for growth". After the warning from the Chinese central bank, the Bank of France released a report calling the currency "highly speculative"...


Bitcoin Research

A Litecoin era ends, Firefox Spruces up, and more…


The arms race from the introduction of Litecoin hardware will soon make graphics card mining uneconomic. Plus the truth about Ouya's best-seller, the perfect 10-slide pitch deck, Samsung's missing app engagement, and more...


Bitcoin to be accepted by startup payment service Stripe

Bitcoin at Stripe

The payment processor Stripe has announced its first bitcoin customer - the encrypted backup service Tarsnap. "Bitcoin fits in nicely with Stripe's product plan", says a company statement as Stripe rolls out slowly new bitcoin support...


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