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An alternative or complement to hiring a professional market maker

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What is Hummingbot Miner?

Miner is a platform that allows token issuers to sponsor liquidity mining campaigns on both centralized and decentralized exchanges to provide rewards for our community of market makers

For Token Issuers

Liquidity from decentralized market making.

Token issuers can get liquidity from our community of individual traders.

Marketing value / public promotion

Get exposure to a large community of early adopters and crypto evangelists.

Cheaper and more diversified alternative.

Low cost. You provide the reward pool, let our community take care of the rest.

For Traders

Get rewarded for providing liquidity.

Individual traders can receive rewards by market making for the specified campaigns.

Support your favorite token projects

Earn additional returns while “hodling” your favorite tokens.

Use Hummingbot Client or your own solutions.

Use HB Client’s built-in strategies alternative platforms or even your own MM solutions. Miner is open to all.

How does Hummingbot Miner work?


Token issuers sponsor campaigns, offering weekly rewards for specific trading pairs on one or multiple exchanges.


Users sign-up to our platform (no KYC required) and connect their read-only exchange API keys, so trading activity can be monitored and rewards allocated.


Users run Humminbot Client or their algo-trading solution of choice, and provide liquidity to one or more of the sponsored token pairs.


Rewards are allocated on 1-minute snapshots and paid out on a weekly basis.


Tokens get additional liquidity from our community of individual market makers and users get rewarded in exchange. Everybody wins!

What factors influence the rewards allocation?
The amount of your open orders

Orders do not need to be filled. We look at open orders placed every minute compared with the rest of the miners.

The closer the spread, the higher the reward

Reward gets exponentially higher when the spread of your market orders are closer to the mid-price. The order has to be lower than the maximum spread listed by each campaign.

How long your open orders are maintained

Total rewards are distributed evenly per minute, which is then allocated to our miners according to how tight their spreads are and their order amount.

Become a Market Maker with Hummingbot Client

Hummingbot Foundation offers a simple client to run bots using Hummingbot strategies so that you can get started in minutes. You can choose to install our Test Drive, our Desktop app, or install Hummingbot on Docker.

Use built-in strategies or build your own

Hummingbot Foundation offers a wide range of open-source trading strategies that cater for your use case and are often used to mine our liquidity mining rewards. Popular strategies include:

Pure market making

Easy to set-up, highly configurable to capture rewards

Cross-exchange market making

Lower your inventory risk during market volatility

Avellaneda market making

Auto-manage your inventory given market volatility

Liquidity mining strategy

Manage multiple markets at the same time

Some people prefer adding custom scripts on their own.

There are over 13 strategies available.

Sign up to Hummingbot to get started
Learn from Hummingbot Academy and Community

Learn how to become a successful market maker through Hummingbot Academy and joining our Hummingbot Discord server

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